My Adventure at Sears

November 22, 2010

Well, this week I found out that my “top-of-the-line” vacuum cleaner for the apartment isn’t so top-of-the-line after all. As I attempt to vacuum up all the dust from the base of our apartment heater, which obviously is long overdue, I realize that the dust is not going anywhere. Well, I cup my hand over the vacuum hose as if I were a five-year old kid learning this for the first time, and to my sadness, it has the sucking power of an Elephant with congested nostrils!! In fact, rather than sucking things up, it’s spitting them back down!! Go figure.

So today I decide to go thru my filing cabinet and look for the warranty. To my surprise, the warranty is still good. So I look up online where I can go drop off my vacuum at the nearest repair center. Well, from my title above, the place we’re talking about is Sears – the land of Kenmore products. Why don’t I ever learn? Anyways – being the guy that I am, I wait until I have less than an hour to rush across town to drop off my vacuum at the repair place, but when I get there IT DOESN’T EXIST! Yeah, it’s gone. So being the super-duper thinker that I ams, I rush back across town to where I live and go to the Sears store just down the street with only 15 minutes to spare. On with my mission!

I walk in, ask where drop off repairs are handled and the guy at the counter gives me the look – yeah, the look like “uh, we do repairs?” look. So he says to go down to Appliances because it’s clear that he has no clue. Well, downstairs I go and wham, I walk right into 3 sales people kicking back doing nothing and looking as bored as a guy taking his woman to a DSW shoe store, since I’m finding out that Sears is really a last ditch effort for shoppers or the place to go if your family has been going there since 1975. (I just happen to fit into both categories – lame.)

So I speak to the person who sadly makes first eye-contact with me. Yeah, she’s thrilled … NOT. So I ask her my question; she looks around (always reassuring) and then tells me that they don’t handle repairs here and that the closest center would be 45 minutes away. Nice. To top it off, in the middle of her talking to me, her cell phone goes off with some junk ring tone and she then tells me as she’s walking away that she’s sorry she can’t help me. Really?!? Dog out the customer and talk to your friend about what suckie reality show you’re going to watch tonight? AWESOME! Way to go Sears!!

Yeah, I’d probably do the same thing if I had to wear khaki pants and a polyester suit jacket all day long, too. Sploot!