My Morning at StarChuck’s

March 8, 2011

Well, another morning, another cup of coffee. It must be purely psychologimical to start your day off by dropping a hand full of cash for two cups of coffee and a day-old bagel (oh, you thought those were fresh?!?). So off we go, my wife and I, to StarChuck’s, oops, I mean Starbucks, which is really a hop, skip, and a jump away – aren’t they all? We decide to go to one that we thought would be not-so-busy but ended up being oh-so-busy! The only good thing – yes, only – about going out for coffee is the simplicity it offers to people watch. I’m sure people are watching me, too, since I tower over my wife like Paul Bunyan and apparently dress like him, too – green plaid flannel, khaki cargo pants and a pair of well-weathered Timberlands – oh dang! Sadly, along with my version of “people watching” includes vocal banter. What’s the old saying “if you don’t have nothing nice to say – uh, say it?!?” Although, this morning I had nothing mean to say, really. Anywho, as my wife waits for her ‘specialty’ coffee, I proceeded to keep myself busy by wandering around and eventually over to the area that I dubbed the “observation deck”. It’s a level that puts you above the entire place and you can peer out and watch all the goings-on of society. Well, joining me is this man, whom I have no idea is, and as he looked in the opposite direction and then back at me I guess he was expecting to see his lady friend. Surprise, homie!!


StarChuck Homie: –silent—

Boris (me): “What’s up!?!”

StarChuck Homie: “Uh, hello?”

Boris: “So how do you like the view from the observation deck?”

StarChuck Homie: “Uh, yeah, good one, it does look like that.” (not sounding convincing)

Uncomfortable silence then sets in – well, only for a moment, because I can’t keep quiet!

Boris in vocal rhetorical as he looks around: “Hmmm, I wonder if they’re all automatons?”

Silence ends the conversation.

Apparently the coffee has yet to set in for StarChuck Homie. Hey, Boris thought it was funny. Dah.


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